Sales Code Groupings Index

Ever wonder why some '69 and later options begin with 'A' and others begin with 'B', etc.? Obviously they are grouped together, right? Here's what each group is.


A Sales Code Combination Groups© 
B Brakes© 
C Consoles, Seats, Seat Belts, & Floor Coverings© 
D Driveline - Transmissions and Axles© 
E Engines© 
F Heavy Duty and Fleet© 
G Glass and Mirrors© 
H Heaters, Air Conditioning, and Defoggers© 
I Not Used© 
J Miscellaneous Items© 
K Open© 
L Lights and Switches© 
M Mouldings and Exterior Trim© 
N Engine Accessories© 
O Not Used© 
P Power Assists for Body Mechanisms© 
Q Open© 
R Radios, Antennas, and Speakers© 
S Suspension and Steering© 
T Tires© 
U Tires© 
V Vinyl Roof, Convertible Tops, Paint Stripes, & Spec. Roofs© 
W Wheel Covers and Hub Caps© 
X Export and Canadian© 
Y Vehicle Delivery and Handling© 
Z Open© 

Source: "Chrysler, Plymouth & Imperial Code Lists", dated July 17, 1969.

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