Dodge and Plymouth Maximum Performance Wedge and Hemi Packages

The following is a list of Maximum Performance packages and race engines based on Maximum Performance packages.

A-694 413 cross ram test engine, circa 1959 (early Max Wedge prototype)
'62 413 Max Wedge
'63 426 Max Wedge
'63 426 Max Wedge Stage II
'64 426 Max Wedge Stage III
A-864 '64 race 426 Hemi
A-865 '64 NASCAR 426-4v Hemi
A-866 "Small pushrod" 426 Hemi SOHC for Indy (not produced)
A-925 DOHC 426 Hemi (not produced)
A-990 '65 race 426 Hemi engine
'67 RO Super Stock Hemi Belvedere
'67 WO Super Stock Hemi Coronet
'68 BO Super Stock Hemi Barracuda
'68 LO Super Stock Hemi Dart

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