Mopar Option Codes:
Same Option Code, Different Option

There are many sources out there of option codes for Mopars. While this is great information to have, be aware that quite a few of these sources, including some high-priced experts, don't take into account that a particular option or package may differ from one make or model to another.

To cite one example, Accessory Group A01 is often described as "Light Group" along with a generic laundry list of lighting items. What is actually included in the package depends entirely upon the make and model.

Compare the differences between A01 for 3 different 1970 vehicles, Dodge Polara/Monaco, Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant/Duster.

1970 Dodge Light Group*1970 Dart Light Group*1970 Valiant Light Group**
Glove Box LightGlove Box LightGlove Box Light
Trunk (Cargo) LightTrunk LightTrunk Compartment Light
Map LightMap & Courtesy LightMap/CourtesyLight
Ashtray LightAshtray LightAshtray Light
Ignition Light w/Time DelayIgnition Light w/Time DelayIgnition Switch Light with Time Delay
Rear Door Automatic Lamp Switch  
Lamp-On Warning BuzzerHeadlamp-On Reminder Buzzer 
Instrument Flood Lamp Time Delay  
 Glove Box Lock 
Fender-Mounted Turn SignalsFender-Mounted Turn SignalsFender-Mounted Turn-Signal Indicators
Instrument Panel Courtesy Lamp  
*Source: 1970 Dodge Models & Prices, Sept. 23 1969
**Source: 1970 Plymouth Car and Equipment Prices, Sept. 23 1969

Obvioulsy the individual components of the A01 package are not quite the same, a fact that becomes very important when your money is on the line restoring a car. Simply saying A01 includes a bucket full of light bulbs isn't good enough to score points at a show. Particularly with the ridiculous prices being charged lately for parts.

Another example is Option J25. Most sources list this as 3-speed/Variable wipers, which are two different items. On 1970 Dodge B-bodies and C-bodies (Coronet, Charger, Polara and Monaco), J25 is 3-Speed Wipers. However, on 1970 Dodge A-bodies and E-bodies (Dart and Challenger), J25 is Variable Speed Windshield Wipers. (Source: 1970 Dodge Models & Prices, Sept.23 1969) That's an important distinction.

There are many other examples, not to mention codes that are just plain wrong. For example, several sources list M88 as '71 'Cuda "Billboard" quarter panel decals, when it is in fact a deck lid molding found on many models. That piece of misinformation is listed on many websites and where it originated is anyone's guess.

If you are restoring a Mopar to original condition, make sure you know the correct codes before spending good money on the wrong parts. A competent source for the correct information may be as close as your local Mopar club.

Whatever source you use, check to see if options are differentiated between makes and models. If not, ask yourself why not. Does your source cite where the information came from so you can cross-reference it before making costly mistakes during restoration? If the answer is no, you may wish to consider finding another source for restoration data. There are plenty of excellent restoration shops out there that literally have libraries of factory data, as well as individuals who have been working with these cars for years and collect factory data. Shop around, ask questions. Don't depend on one source for your information. By verifying data from multiple sources to be sure it's right, you may save a pile of cash.

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