Calculating Engine Size

"Help! I bored and stroked my engine and now I don't know what size it is!"

How to calulate your engine size using the bore and stroke:
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Use the calculator below, or you can calculate your engine size by taking the square of the bore divided by 4, multiplied by pi, multiplied by the stroke, multiplied by the number of cylinders:
((Bore X Bore) / 4) X pi X Stroke X Cylinders

For example, a Chrysler 426 (Hemi or Wedge) has a standard bore of 4.25" and a standard stoke of 3.75". Plugging that into the above formula gives us:
((4.25 X 4.25) / 4) X 3.141592654 X 3.75 X 8 = 425.59, or 426 cubic inches.

If you were to bore your 426 sixty over (0.060"), simply add 0.060" to the 4.25" bore:
((4.31 X 4.31) / 4) X 3.141592654 X 3.75 X 8 = 437.69, or 438 cubic inches.

Now if you were to install a 5/8ths stroker crank to your bored 426, you can add 5/8" (0.625") to the stroke in the same formula:
((4.31 X 4.31) / 4) X 3.141592654 X 4.375 X 8 = 510.64, or 510 cubic inches.

(This works the same for cubic inches or cubic centimeters -- if you use centimeters for the bore and stroke, the result will be in cubic centimeters. Divide CCs by 1,000 to get litres. Divide cubic inches by 61.023 to get litres. You can input centimeters in the calculator below, but the litres listed in the output will be wrong, since the calculator assumes input in inches.)

Use this calculator to figure out your engine size in cubic inches. You can add bore and/or stroke if you want. It will also convert to litres for you.

Bore in Inches:

Stroke in Inches:

Number of Cylinders:

Overbore in Inches (not required):

Overstroke in Inches (not required):

Below is a table showing the standard bore and stroke of many Chrysler engines:

DescriptionBoreStroke# of CylindersCubic InchesLitres
170 Slant Six3.406253.1256170.862.8
198 Slant Six3.406253.646199.023.3
225 Slant Six3.406254.1256225.543.7
301 Chrysler Hemi3.625 3.6258299.304.9
331 Chrysler Hemi3.81253.6258331.065.4
354 Chrysler Hemi3.93753.6258353.135.8
392 Chrysler Hemi4.003.906258392.706.4
241 Dodge Hemi3.43753.258241.304.0
259 Dodge Hemi3.56253.258259.164.2
270 Dodge Hemi3.6253.258268.344.4
315 Dodge Hemi3.6253.81258314.785.2
325 Dodge Hemi3.68753.7968758324.395.3
276 DeSoto Hemi3.6253.343758276.084.5
291 DeSoto Hemi3.718753.343758290.544.8
330 DeSoto Hemi3.718753.7968758329.915.4
341 DeSoto Hemi3.718753.7968758329.915.4
345 DeSoto Hemi3.83.88344.775.6
277 A Poly3.753.1258276.124.5
301 A Poly3.906253.1258299.614.9
303 A Poly3.81253.31258302.525.0
313 A Poly3.8753.31258312.525.1
315 A Poly3.906253.31258317.585.2
318 Poly3.906253.31258317.585.2
326 A Poly3.9531253.31258325.255.3
273 LA3.6253.31258273.504.5
318 LA3.906253.31258317.585.2
340 LA4.043.31258339.705.6
360 LA4.003.588359.905.9
238 LA V63.906253.31256238.193.9
488 LA V104.003.8810487.588.0
505 LA V104.033.9610505.128.3
350 B4.06253.3758349.985.7
361 B4.1253.3758360.835.9
383 B4.253.3758383.036.3
400 B4.343.3758399.426.5
383 RB4.031253.758382.906.3
413 RB4.18753.758413.166.8
426 RB4.253.758425.597.0
426 RB Hemi4.253.758425.597.0
440 RB4.323.758439.727.2
286 Magnum Poly3.6613.4058286.754.7
345 Magnum Hemi3.923.588345.655.7
370 Magnum Hemi4.063.588370.786.1
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