The Case For An Eight Layer OSI Model


Many people have many problems with the 7-layer OSI network model.

I have two specific issues with this model:

0. Seven is NOT a proper computer number. But eight is. Keep reading.
1. Computer numbering does NOT begin at one. It begins at ZERO as Nature intended.

That said, obviously Layer 0 was missed in the original design of the OSI model.

Given that the vast majority of people suffer under the misaprehension that computers and networks run on electricity or some such nonsense, perhaps it's time to dispel that myth:
Computers and networks run primarily on caffeine. Cut off the caffeiene supply and chaos will reign. Trust me.

Before the physical layer is encountered, there needs to be motivation. Coffee, tea or similar. Physical hardware isn't even unboxed until there's sufficient motivation.

I propose adding Layer 0, the Motivation Layer, to the OSI model. This mitigates the incorrect numbering and rectifies the missing step.

The new, improved model should look like this:

0. Motivation
1. Physical
2. Data Link
3. Network
4. Transport
5. Session
6. Presentation
7. Application

We'll need new mnemonics to remember all that. There are plenty of clever folks out there to invent some new ones.

Decode a '62-'65 Mopar VIN here:
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