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max·wedge [ ˈmakswej ]
A mechanical device that converts hydrocarbons and octane into adrenalin.

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As the site's name implies, this is intended to be a repository of information, pictures and articles concerning the Maximum Performance Wedge (Max Wedge) and Maximum Performance Hemispherical Head (Race Hemi) packages of the 1960s. There is also a great deal of information on other North American Chrysler Corporation passenger cars from 1914 to 1980 and more to be added. If it were feasible, information would be added daily.

The distasteful notion of gainful employment sometimes interferes with the important task of researching Mopar history. Information is added as time allows. Rest assured, though, that there are dozens of boxes and many bookshelves crammed full of information waiting to be added to this site in the future. Not to mention a database of over 100,000 Mopar vehicles from 1916 to 1980 for reference, with more added every month.

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Do you have factory or dealer information? If so, please contact me! Adding data to this site requires obtaining technical service bulletins, dealer data books, salesman's pocket references, sales bulletins, sales literature, internal memos, factory photos, dealership photos, press releases... If it relates to Mopars, there is probably a spot for it.

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