Mopar Links, List of Good Guys

These are not reciprocal links, nor paid advertisements. They are notable enthusiasts and businesses (large and small) with outstanding reputations for expertise and customer satisfaction.
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And here is a link to various Mopar Clubs.
Bob Mosher -- Specializing in the restoration of 1962-65 Dodge & Plymouth B-Body Sedans, Max Wedge and Race Hemi cars.
Daniel Stern Lighting -- The best in automotive lighting, bar none.
Dick Towers is a very good friend of and proprietor of an incredible collection racing photographs, T-shirts and posters. Check out the very cool stuff on his site.
Gary P. Hamel's 1962 to 1965 Mopar website -- You could spend a week looking through this site. Tons of info, a great mailing list, and more. Visiting this site is a must!
Gordon Garland is the owner/restorer of the Texas Rattler RO51 '65 Plymouth A990. He always seems to have some interesting projects in the works.
Jim Kramer -- An excellent source for 1962 to 1976 Mopar racing, reproduction and restoration parts.
Jerry & Kristy Keller have some really cool Max Wedges that they run on the West Coast.
Reed Koeppe -- 1962 to 1967 Max Wedge and Race Hemi shop in Kearney, Nebraska. Reed knows his stuff!
Roger Gibson -- Show-quality Mopar restoration shop. His reputation preceeds him.
Understanders Blog -- An outstanding '62-'65 Mopar blog from the Netherlands. Great photos and videos, both vintage and modern, from Europe and North America. Plan to spend some time looking through this one!
Decode a '62-'65 Mopar VIN here:
Decode a '66-'75 Mopar VIN here: